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Sparkman Patrol

Sparkman Extended Neighborhood Patrol (ENP) is a voluntary program that brings a layer of safety to Sparkman neighborhood.  Sparkman ENP program provides uniformed, armed off-duty Dallas police officers that patrol our neighborhood in marked Dallas police cars.  The objective of the program is to deter crime in our neighborhood by proactive rather than reactive policing.  The program is optional and there are annual membership dues to fund the additional patrols.  The program has been in existence since 2005 and was started by a Sparkman resident.

Sparkman Patrol Membership Benefits:

Sparkman Patrol Officer Cell Phone

This is a dedicated cell phone with voice mail for our patrol officers to use solely for Sparkman Patrol.  You will receive this number to report suspicious activity, request assistance,  report a past incident, or to notify the officer you will be out of town.

Sparkman Patrol website

  • Members will be able to use the website to access the following information:
  • Information on Sparkman Patrol and tips on preventing crime
  • Crime Alert
  • Request or renew membership – pay your dues online
  • Contact the Sparkman Patrol committee
  • Sign-up to volunteer
  • Access to the event calendar

Monthly Crime Alert

Members will receive emails about crime activity and tips on a monthly basis.  These alerts keep the members informed of what is happening in the neighborhood.  Alerts are derived from reported incidents via members, other neighboring crime watch committees and the police department.

Out of Town Notification

Members may submit an out of town notification with the patrol officer via cell phone voice mail.  When out of town, the officer will pay extra attention to your home to ensure there are no visible signs of trouble.  They will check your home at the start of their shift and at the end of their shift.

Sparkman Patrol Signage

Members may purchase yard or alley signs with the Sparkman Patrol logo.  These signs will indicate that you are a member of Sparkman patrol.  This will help officers locate your home easier, act as a crime deterrent and show support of the program.

Membership Eligibility

  • Must reside within the Sparkman Club Estates boundaries
  • Must pay the minimum annual dues of $150 per family per year or minimum senior dues of $90 per year.  Full membership dues are $250.

Where your money goes

Sparkman Patrol contracts with the city on a yearly basis and pays the officers’ hourly rate, patrol car rental, website fees, cell phone service and other miscellaneous expenses.  Membership dues, sign sales, and various fundraising events fund these costs.